One failed year later.

15 02 2012

I’ve only posted one blog entry with the promise of others and haven’t made a peep on here since then. Not that anybody gives a crap, but I feel that I should state what’s been going on, as an update for anyone who stumbled onto this blog before and as a personal (yet public) account of my training progress.

Last year I made a New Years Resolution to run a 10 kilometer race in 45 minutes. I haven’t made other posts but that doesn’t mean I didn’t follow through. I didn’t, but I did try. For several months, I started training on the Staten Island boardwalk and along it on the bike path. It reminded me of when I used to train in Coney Island.

Always stomping on the wood of the public

This boardwalk is not as long as the one in Coney Island but you always end  up paying attention to the motion of the ocean anyway. Also, in the distance I can see where I used to train years ago.

It’s hard to see but the other boardwalk is on that coast. 

I also like to run on the bike trail but sometimes you have to be careful when doing that. The best idea is to run on the left lane so that a bike doesn’t sneak up on you in the right lane. Once, a bike was coming at me on the left lane so I had to move to the right. As I was about to slide over, I happened to look behind me by chance and saw another biker about to speed past me from behind. I quickly got off the road and waited for both bikers to pass. If I didn’t look behind me when I was about to slide over, I would’ve been clobbered from behind. From that moment on, I made sure that I would look in front and behind when I change lanes. I don’t want to be the clown who gets killed by a 10 speeder.

A pathetic way to die

So I was actually able to train for several months and progress in a timely fashion. The weather started to get warmer and I actually started to see teenagers going on the beach to enjoy the sun while I ran. The best time to run on that thing is in the morning because as the day went on, the boardwalk would get crowded. Even if it was 9pm and the sun is gone for the day, there would still be lots of people lounging out and my run would basically become an obstacle course of people.

To get used to running, I found a C25K plan on the internet. C25K stands for Couch to 5 Kilometers and it’s basically a running plan that gets a sedentary person to run 30 minutes in nine weeks. I’ve actually gotten up to week 5 while repeating tough weeks but then I was unable to continue.

I usually write up to 500 words per post so I’ll continue my update later this week and explain why I had to stop. See ya then.




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22 02 2012
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