Injury is Calling

2 03 2012

Oh no, it started again! A pain started growing in my lower leg muscle, just like last time.

I’ve been following the standard nine week Couch to 5k plan and eveything has been good so far. My running pace has been a little bit slower than what I used to train with in order to avoid injury. After a run at the gym, I would go home and put up my legs and ice down anything that felt weird while training. I’ve been drinking a bunch of water so that I don’t become dehydrated and still, a pain started in my leg that feels similar to the same one like last year.

I had to stop because of the pain right as I was ready for Week 5, day 2 in the C25k plan. On that day, I have to run my first 20 minute run non-stop. With that pain I felt, I knew that if I attempted the 20 minute run, I would probably hurt my leg seriously and I’m trying to avoid that.

It’s frustrating to come so far in the plan and then stop to avoid any more damage. I have heard of people getting hurt for a few months or even up to a year. That year-long injury scared me and I don’t want to wait another year to start this again. I figured that I’ll wait a week and then start at an earlier week in the plan and see what happens.

Anyway, during that week I was surfing the web for Walt Disney World info and videos since I’m such a fan and decided to check out again. I’ve heard of Jeff Galloway running plans that were getting people to run half-marathons in Disney World, but I didn’t think too much of it. Others have talked about his run, walk, run method, but every C25K plan has that technique.

While clicking around the website, I stumbled onto some of Galloway’s videos and he demonstrated his run, walk, run method. That’s when I realized that the run/walk strategy is not just for first-time race training, but marathoners can take advantage of the method as well. Running and walking saves strength so that runners can finish strong.

The technique also cuts down the risk for running injuries. Whenever I started running plans, my legs would start to get hurt and I would have to stop for a while, no matter the precautions I took. I decided to give this one a shot. It’s either trying Galloway’s technique, risk getting hurt pushing through the pain, or stop running.

So after a week of trying his method, the pain in my leg is slowly going away. This plan is starting to work for me and I’m excited about it. It’s not a slouch either because I’m running for two minutes and walking for one and I’m doing it for 25 minutes straight, which takes a toll. This still is hard work.

So I’m back in the game and using a new program to build up my running. And it makes sense to use Jeff Galloway’s program; I do plan on running in a Disney race at some point, so it all works out.




One response

2 03 2012
darcieVP - Good Things Happen to People that Run

I found your post searching for running stuff and I I know how you feel! When I started running VERY regularly the threat of injury always seemed to slow my progress. It’s so frustrating!

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