My “New” Garmin!

20 03 2012

If anyone knows me, they know that I’m a cheapo and I don’t like to spend too much money on inexpensive things. Yeah, I’ll spend $60 on a videogame, but I won’t spend $120 on the collector’s edition. I’ll go to the Skechers store to spend $60 on shoes, but I won’t spend $150 on shoes. So it is strange that I’ll spend $130 on a watch.

Okay, before any runners start roaring with laughter, I should explain what I mean. Yes, Garmin GPS watches can go for hundreds of dollars, so $130 is a steal. For any non-runners who may be reading this, a GPS watch is a great way to track your pace during a run and is way easier than pulling out a smartphone and reading a sport app while running.

So I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 205 used watch with insurance online and it came in the mail today. The 205 certainly isn’t state of the art, but it can get the job done and is somewhat affordable for a broke bloke who’s broke.

Now the watch is sort of a behemoth. It certainly is the biggest watch I ever owned and it may look huge on smaller people, but it looked fine on my arm.

I took it out for a walk today since it is my day off from running, but wanted to get some sort of exercise in.  As I walked, I barely felt it on my arm and sometimes forgot it was there. It took about 90 seconds to connect with the GPS satellites, which personally I think wasn’t bad considering that, you know, these satellites orbit the earth in space.

90 seconds? WTF? The satellites are only 12,000 miles above!

A surprising note the watch was telling me that I was averaging 15 minutes per mile on my walk. I really thought I was much slower. It was also hot out today and I sweated from the heat as much as the walk. I don’t do much walking as an exercise and was surprised how tiring it was. When all was said and done, I walked 3.62 miles in an hour and almost burned 400 calories. That’s crazy. If I know I was gonna get a workout like that, I would’ve been walking all the time. I guess Self magazine knows what they’re talking about.

Personally, I like Oxygen better. My kind of girls.

Hachi Machi!




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