Back to the C25K!

21 03 2012

Great Scott! I’m actually going  to give this another try!

I probably mentioned in an earlier blog post that I was using a Couch to 5k plan  to get back into running. However, my legs started to hurt again and I had to slow down. I thought I was taking all precautions since I was training on a treadmill. My biggest issues besides “birdwatching” is getting cramps in my legs from either running on a hard surface road or running too fast. I figured that running on a treadmill would have both issues covered. I guess I was wrong.

So while taking a few days off to let the pain dissipate, I got a real nasty cold and then I really couldn’t run. For two weeks I could not continue the plan. I felt like a real butthead since I missed so many days.

But I did take a page from Jeff Galloway. When the cold went away and the pain lessened, I started running for twenty minutes with one minute walk and one minute run. I was able to run with this program and my legs slowly healed up. My goal is to at least be able to run a 5K on a treadmill and then switch to outdoor running as I get stronger

Roads? Where I’m running, we don’t need roads.

Now, of course running with that program did slow down my intensity, so I have to work up to where I was. My legs were hurting in week 5 of the C25K plan and I had to stop there. I was kinda annoyed because week 5 is kind of a big deal. The third day of that week is a 20 minute run with no breaks. Getting through that long run is as big a breakthrough as inventing a working flux capacitor (almost). I was upset because I was looking forward to that long run for a long time.

Last week I decided that I was going to continue the C25K this week, starting with Day 1. I’m still looking forward to that 20 minute run and I know that running it is my density…I mean my destiny. My current weekly run schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Those are the easiest days for me to run since I’m not doing much then. Because I’m posting this on Wednesday, that means I was supposed to run Week 5 Day 1 yesterday. Which I did!

The first 5 minute interval wasn’ t so bad and I felt good about this. The second interval was much harder and I knew this run meant business. On the third interval, I really thought I wasn’t going to make it. As I was getting near the last two minutes, I was really breathing hard and was about to quit. I had to mentally trick myself to finishing so that I can do Day 2 on Thursday.

The last run was so hard, I had to fool myself into thinking that I was not gonna graduate college if I didn’t finish. I kept repeating to myself internally, “If you don’t finish this, you won’t graduate college and you’ll have a miserable career.” I’m on my last semester to earn my Bachelor’s degree and graduation is heavily on my mind. Well, I didn’t break a$$ all those years in order to fail on a treadmill. If I did not trick myself to thinking that, I would’ve stopped. Maybe it would be smarter to stop and avoid a possible injury, but I really wanted to finish. I’m kinda conflicted about that. This situation is heavy, but it did feel good to finish.

Now make like a tree, and get outta here!




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21 03 2012
Kiya Krier - Runs With Blisters

Wow, mad props to you for running on the treadmill! Once I got used to outdoor running, running on the dreadmill became torture. I ALWAYS want to quit after four minutes, haha.

Definitely listen to your body, but don’t underestimate how much improvement can come from pushing through a little pain. I’m always surprised at how quickly our bodies adapt. What seems impossible the first time (that friggin’ 20 minute run!) seems SO much easier the second time around.

Good luck and thank you for linking to my blog 🙂

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