New Running Update

1 05 2012

Wow! I sat down and opened up my WordPress blog to tap out a few words for a running update and I could not believe what I saw. It has been over a month since my last blog update. My readers must be pulling out their hair waiting to find out about my running progress. Okay, maybe not, but I have read that it is a good idea to keep a journal as a runner. I forgot the reason why but it sounded like a good idea. There have been small Twitter updates due to training apps that automatically post my runs, but I want to document how I feel as I progress forward.

Where I last left off, the 20-minute run was coming up and I was apprehensive about it. I actually wrote close to 1000 words about it, but then my browser crashed and wiped it all away. After that pointless effort, I did not feel like writing for a while and I was swamped with everyday life. That combined with the fact that I suck in time management is what led to my posting delay. So to summarize, I completed the 20-minute run with an unholy amount of huffing and puffing. It was so hard that it affected my runs the following week. I had to take a 5 day break after the second run of the week due to exhaustion and leg pain. However, I was not going to let some leg pain stop the progress I made so far. I have done all this before when I was younger and I am going to get through this again.

Through weeks 6 and 7, I had to take extra days off because of periodic leg pain. However, by the third day of week 7, most of the pain was gone and I had a feeling that it was not going to come back for the rest of the 9-week program. The running just started to get easier. Since I have started running on the boardwalk, I have started getting used to landmarks and the general area where I have to turn around at the halfway point of my timed run. The boardwalk is about one and a half miles long and I have been able to see where the boardwalk ends, which is not too far away from the turnaround point. Since I also warm up on the boardwalk, it makes my total workout time slightly more than the scheduled run/walk workout for the day. Therefore, by week 8, I was hitting the end of the wooden path and running back the other way. I knew from here on, I was past the point of no return. Unless a car accidentally pins my legs into a parked car, I am going to complete this program. Considering that I failed the program last year, this new realization felt good. It felt damn good.Now I am starting week 9. It’s amazing how far I’ve come since being worried about running for three minutes straight. The body is an amazing thing.




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