Week 9!!

2 05 2012

I’m starting week 9 of the Couch to 5K program and I am excited that the program is about to end. I have been running for longer than nine weeks due to injury and extra rest but it felt even longer than that. A week or two ago, I would look at my Garmin watch and see 12 or 13 minutes of my run completed and inwardly think, “only halfway done. I can do this.” I would look at my shadow on the floor mimicking my limbs as a distraction, a repetitive motion that reminded me of a machine. Maybe a machine which always blows a gasket, but you get the idea.

Yesterday I went for my first 30 minute run with full confidence that I was going to complete it without an issue. I even put on my Pure Moods album on my iPod. This was the first time I ran with slow-paced music, which was a breakthrough because I no longer needed fast music to help push myself to complete the run.

The most surprising part about the first run of that week, I became aware of around the halfway point. I was enjoying the Pure Moods album and thinking about something random and then it hit me: I was not thinking about the run at all. Usually I keep track of time and pace, but this time I was on cruise control. Boredom wasn’t my problem. I was feeling good and was enjoying the exercise. This feeling is what I remember when I think about the running I used to do many years ago. That good feeling makes me want to run all the time, even right now as I write this, and I already had a run today.

So the run was finished without incident and as I’m doing my post-run stretches, I spot a large cruise ship in the water. It traveled under the Verrazano Bridge and was slowly headed out to sea.

I have never been on a cruise ship before but I did see pictures of some and watched videos of the Norwegian and Disney Cruise lines. They look really nice but I can’t afford them at this point in my life. I was feeling rather envious of them but then I started thinking about my C25K journey and the effort I put into it. Sure, I cannot afford a cruise vacation, but I can do other things. How many of those cruise passengers can run 30 minutes straight? How many of them plan to run a marathon in the future and possibly at some point, qualify for the Boston marathon? Not many, I would guess. I’m doing something good for my body and it doesn’t cost much. In addition, I have the resolve to complete a program like the C25k, something that certainly was not easy to do. There is an article on C25K.com, which states that most that start the program do not finish. Most do not, but I will. So then, that makes me think, “Who should be envious of whom?”




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