Not a C25K

15 09 2012

Route: Boardwalk

Distance: 2.11 miles

Time: 23 minutes

Shoe Mileage: 206.31 miles.

This past Friday I was able to complete my 23 minute run with the 3:1 run/walk ratio without any issues. The last 3 minute interval was the hardest and I was totally out of breath at the end. I thought I wasn’t going to make it but I just forced it out and I’m glad I did. Completing the last interval means that I’ve adjusted well to 23 minutes, especially considering that only the last 3 minutes was the one that was really difficult.

I am ready to move on to the next step, which is adding on an extra 3:1 ratio to my workout. That means my run will extend to 26 minutes-another step closer to the 5K length. I should be hitting that race mark within a month.

Now, if anyone scrolls down my blog posts, you will see one with a title of Week 9. Yes, that is from the final week of a C25k program, yet I’m currently working on hitting a 5K run length. The difference here is speed. I’m purposely working on speed so that I can run a 5K in about 30 minutes. In the previous week 9 completion, I was averaging an 11:30 per mile pace. I wanted to pick up the pace before I get into some serious distance running.

My pace is picking up!

While executing my morning runs, I’ve discovered that I have a competitive streak in me. I can’t help but get envious whenever I see another runner moving faster than me, especially if the faster person is elderly. I realized that anything slower than a 10 minute mile is too slow for me. However, here is a subject where I can be relative about it. Everyone can run at their own pace, no matter how slow or fast it is. But personally, I have to move somewhat fast. I know it’s not a 6 minute mile, but it is a start. Now, this Sunday is the 3 mile long run where I will run a slow 12 minute mile. I haven’t ran at that pace in a while so I’m interested in how that run will turn out. I’ll let my two readers know.




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