Dawn of the Almost Dead: A Report on the Long Run

16 09 2012


Route: Boardwalk

Distance: 3.11 miles

Time: 41 minutes

Shoe Mileage: 209.4 miles.

Today was the day of my 3 mile long run and I left my home an hour later than usual since I was tired and couldn’t get up. I almost didn’t but I did not want to mess up my schedule and I wanted to see what is the deal with the long run. After completing the run, I think I am a believer.

Now, because I went a little later, there were more people on the boardwalk. There was all kind of folks but the biggest group was definitely the elderly. Man, they were everywhere. There was so many, I was starting to think that I was intruding on their boardwalk time. There were walkers, fishers, and runners.

When I started my slower paced long run with the 2:1 run/walk ratio, there was a speed walking older woman who I passed but then she went past me during my walk break. For several minutes we battled it out for first place, which made me feel slightly embarrassed with my pace and made it difficult to keep the same slow pace without speeding up.

Speed demon!

Eventually I left her in my dust and I felt better. I then started seeing younger women and I was cursing myself for the slow pace. Whenever I see pretty girls running, it automatically becomes my duty to change from a simple run to the greatest show on earth. It was really hard to do that with a turtle pace.

So anyway, my long run pace is 12 minutes per mile, which was pretty easy. I had to fight the urge to speed up and would stay between 12 and 11:30 per mile. It was also taking forever just to get to the halfway point. I think I’m gonna start listening to podcasts or audiobooks instead of music because I was getting really bored. Who knows? Maybe the huffing and puffing is hard yet entertaining to me.

Another weak part of the slow run is that there were other elderly runners passing me. I mentioned in an earlier post that I can get competitive and I felt awkward that I was much younger than some of the senior runners and they were clowning me. They might have well slapped me in the back of the head as they passed by cause that’s how it felt.

Still, with all the moaning and complaining about the slow pace, I noticed that at the end of the run, I was actually tired. I wasn’t out of breath but my legs were tired, which I haven’t felt in a while. The slow run gave my legs a good workout. I think the slower pace will help my running progress and I will keep doing it.

One last thing. I saw this as I finished and had to take a picture.

All I could think was, “Who was walking who?”





2 responses

18 09 2012
Chris M

Nice blog. I enjoyed reading it because we seem to have several things in common: over 30, on the couch-to-5K program, suffering from calf strains.

I’m only on week 3, although its my 6th week running. I’m aiming for a 5k in November.

Good luck!

18 09 2012

Slow and steady wins the race. Keep at it and you’ll be surprised at how far you’ll go!

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