Avoid the Killer Boards

9 10 2012

Friday I was forced to change it up due to the weather. There was a lot of rainfall the previous night so when I arrived at the boardwalk, the wood planks were completely soaked. I tested the wood by dragging my feet and then knew it would be too dangerous to run on it. My only option was to run on the bike path. Since the beginning of the bike path was nearby, I walked to the start as a warm-up.  There was tons of overgrowth on that deserted path to the start and even as a big guy, I did not feel very safe. It’s a perfect place to get shanked.

“Shhh! Here he comes.”

As I got to a clearing, I was surprised to see all the greenage and how big the area was. It still made me nervous because I could vividly imagine getting attacked by a wild boar who jumps from the bushes and tackles me. Either that or I would get a laser blast through my chest from Predator.

Who’s in there?


I watch too many movies.

About halfway through my run, I realized that running the bike path is pretty fun. There are much more things to look at. Trees, playgrounds, cars, and just seeing different areas instead of endless wooden boards. The only problem with the path is that it’s for bikes. There are always bikers and you always have to be careful. You could accidentally get in front of one and get hit from behind. Quite a shameful way to go.

My run was similar to the last one: a 5K at 12 minutes per mile. As I said before, I’m going to build my mileage and let my speed come naturally.I have been taking a two minute walk at the halfway point and that break has been helping me finish the runs. As of yesterday I have ran 3 miles everyday for the past 3 runs and it has got easier every time. On my next run I’m going to cut the 2 minute walk in half and see how my body responds. If I feel a painful crack and see a jagged bone sticking out of my leg, then I’ll know that I’m pushing too hard.

My goal is to be able to run a 5K without breaks and then eventually run a 10K without breaks. Again, I’ll follow the Jeff Galloway run walk method whenever I start marathon training. Whenever that is.


Rain and Dehydration Make Strange Bedfellows

19 09 2012

Route: Boardwalk

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 22 minutes

Shoe Mileage: 211.4 miles.

Yesterday NYC had some serious rain and wind storms so I decided not to go running and went today instead. It was partly cloudy out today but the contrast between yesterday and today is like night and day. Also, since I run on the boardwalk, I get really wary running on those wood planks. I have ran on moist planks and it was rather slippery. I could only imagine what could happen when running during a drizzle or rain.

Rain on a running day gets me conflicted because I was always one of those people who loves rain. Nothing is sweeter than hearing the low rumble of thunder outside or just the sound of rain hitting the window. Of course I would probably feel different if I lived in Tornado Alley.

Beauty is where you find it.

So I went back to the 10 minute mile pace with the 3:1 run/walk ratio today and was able to run 2 miles for 22 minutes. The walk breaks changed my average pace to 11 minutes per mile. Kinda seems like a waste since I’m running at the 10 mark but I need the walk breaks for now. In fact, that was all I was able to run since I felt like I was going to puke. I already know that my problem was dehydration. I haven’t been drinking the proper amounts of water and I was feeling it during the run. Heck, I felt that my lips were chapped and I didn’t have that problem before. I have a sports bottle with a Britta water filter built in so I’m gonna try to get my proper water requirements in for the next run and see what happens. It’s a handy water bottle because I can drink tap water without any worries and since I know that the bottle is 16oz, I know how much water I’m drinking. Let’s see what happens on Friday.

Useful bottle!

Not a C25K

15 09 2012

Route: Boardwalk

Distance: 2.11 miles

Time: 23 minutes

Shoe Mileage: 206.31 miles.

This past Friday I was able to complete my 23 minute run with the 3:1 run/walk ratio without any issues. The last 3 minute interval was the hardest and I was totally out of breath at the end. I thought I wasn’t going to make it but I just forced it out and I’m glad I did. Completing the last interval means that I’ve adjusted well to 23 minutes, especially considering that only the last 3 minutes was the one that was really difficult.

I am ready to move on to the next step, which is adding on an extra 3:1 ratio to my workout. That means my run will extend to 26 minutes-another step closer to the 5K length. I should be hitting that race mark within a month.

Now, if anyone scrolls down my blog posts, you will see one with a title of Week 9. Yes, that is from the final week of a C25k program, yet I’m currently working on hitting a 5K run length. The difference here is speed. I’m purposely working on speed so that I can run a 5K in about 30 minutes. In the previous week 9 completion, I was averaging an 11:30 per mile pace. I wanted to pick up the pace before I get into some serious distance running.

My pace is picking up!

While executing my morning runs, I’ve discovered that I have a competitive streak in me. I can’t help but get envious whenever I see another runner moving faster than me, especially if the faster person is elderly. I realized that anything slower than a 10 minute mile is too slow for me. However, here is a subject where I can be relative about it. Everyone can run at their own pace, no matter how slow or fast it is. But personally, I have to move somewhat fast. I know it’s not a 6 minute mile, but it is a start. Now, this Sunday is the 3 mile long run where I will run a slow 12 minute mile. I haven’t ran at that pace in a while so I’m interested in how that run will turn out. I’ll let my two readers know.