Trying Something New (again).

1 10 2012

Route: Boardwalk

Distance: 3.1 miles

Time: 36 minutes

Shoe Mileage: 222.78 miles.

As I’m sure most runners do, I am always researching new ideas and techniques for running effectively and implement them during my runs. This past week I have searched the internet for articles on how to run a faster 5k in order to improve my speed. As I read a few articles, I realized that I’ve been doing it a bit wrong. My plan was to redo the Couch to 5K while using the space 10 minute per mile pace. Unfortunately, my progress kept getting held up at the 20 minute run. I would constantly run out of breath before I can finish.

Some of the articles I have read stated that in order to be able to run faster, you must be able to run longer. Well, I know I haven’t been doing that. Last week I did a long-run of 3 1/2 miles on a 12 min. per mile pace and it seemed very easy. I decided to try running a 5K this past Sunday without taking any walk breaks to see where I am fitness-wise. About halfway through I took a two-minute walk and then was able to finish the run without any breaks. However, it was a brutal second-half. I almost quit several times and truthfully, I don’t know how I was able to finish it. I really had to push myself to get through it.

My plan is to be able to run a 5K at any speed so that I can get more miles in. I would like to run a 5K without breaks but use the Galloway system for marathon training. I will wait two days and then try the 5K again to see if the run gets easier. Let’s see what happens.


Not a C25K

15 09 2012

Route: Boardwalk

Distance: 2.11 miles

Time: 23 minutes

Shoe Mileage: 206.31 miles.

This past Friday I was able to complete my 23 minute run with the 3:1 run/walk ratio without any issues. The last 3 minute interval was the hardest and I was totally out of breath at the end. I thought I wasn’t going to make it but I just forced it out and I’m glad I did. Completing the last interval means that I’ve adjusted well to 23 minutes, especially considering that only the last 3 minutes was the one that was really difficult.

I am ready to move on to the next step, which is adding on an extra 3:1 ratio to my workout. That means my run will extend to 26 minutes-another step closer to the 5K length. I should be hitting that race mark within a month.

Now, if anyone scrolls down my blog posts, you will see one with a title of Week 9. Yes, that is from the final week of a C25k program, yet I’m currently working on hitting a 5K run length. The difference here is speed. I’m purposely working on speed so that I can run a 5K in about 30 minutes. In the previous week 9 completion, I was averaging an 11:30 per mile pace. I wanted to pick up the pace before I get into some serious distance running.

My pace is picking up!

While executing my morning runs, I’ve discovered that I have a competitive streak in me. I can’t help but get envious whenever I see another runner moving faster than me, especially if the faster person is elderly. I realized that anything slower than a 10 minute mile is too slow for me. However, here is a subject where I can be relative about it. Everyone can run at their own pace, no matter how slow or fast it is. But personally, I have to move somewhat fast. I know it’s not a 6 minute mile, but it is a start. Now, this Sunday is the 3 mile long run where I will run a slow 12 minute mile. I haven’t ran at that pace in a while so I’m interested in how that run will turn out. I’ll let my two readers know.

Getting back on track!

12 09 2012

Route: Boardwalk

Distance: 2.1 miles

Time: 23 minutes

As I started running this morning, I was anxious on whether I would see improvement from the last run. As I stated in the last post, I’ve been stuck running the same intervals with no improvement for a few weeks. I’m used to seeing a bit of progress with every run so my frustration led me back to the walk-run method promoted by Jeff Galloway. On this past Sunday’s run, I ran for 23 minutes with a 3:1 run-walk ratio. However near the end of the run, I switched to a 2:1 ratio because I kept running out of breath.

For today’s run, I decided to do the same 23 minute run and see what happens. Near the end of the run, I realized that although it was hard, I was going to finish the run with the same ratio I started with. It felt good to see progress again. I finally had a good run and didn’t mind that I was sweating a bucket and my shirt was wicking overtime.

I decided to repeat the same run this Friday and then go for a 3 mile long run on Sunday. I never done a long run at the end of a week as the Galloway technique states, but I know I’m supposed to run two minutes slower when I go for it. When I do, I’ll be looking to see how tired I will be at the end of the run and if running slower really extends the distance endurance. I feel good about my training again (finally).

One Failed Year Later II

22 02 2012

Last year, I was making good progress with the Couch to 5k program. I was successfully making the weekly goals and felt good running again. Running on a boardwalk brought back memories of pushing myself and gaining confidence. However, things started to make a turn for the worse. I started to get a cramp in my calf muscle. It was a small kink that I felt in the inside. I didn’t pay any mind to it and as the weeks went by, the pain slowly grew. I was afraid that I was going to hurt myself so I took a week off at one point.

When I went back to the boardwalk, I felt fine but after a week, the pain came back. I would especially feel it after a five-minute interval. One evening I started to run and after an interval, I couldn’t do it anymore. I was in real pain and I had to walk back. For weeks after that my leg was hurting and I basically fell out of running at that point. The pain gradually went away in the span of two months, but by then I was discouraged and was afraid I was going to hurt my leg again.

I was probably a week away from this.

Fast forward to the end of 2011, I was determined to get back into running and run my first race. When I used to run about twelve years ago, I just ran to lose weight; I never thought about participating in a race. Now, when I grabbed books for running, it was always about getting ready for a race. So the more running books I would flip through, the more that competing in a run seemed like a good idea. I usually need some sort of goal to complete any task I undertake and last time I ran, I lost the will to continue running because I already hit my weight loss goal. Now I have my eyes on a 5K race this coming June held on the very same boardwalk that I used to run on. I think it would be most fitting to take part in my first race on the first track I used to run on.

What could be better for my first race than this?

When I decided to start running again, I knew I had to try something different so that I don’t get hurt again. Well, I have a gym membership to Planet Fitness that I’ve had for over a year and I would occasionally visit the place throughout that year. It only costs me $10 a month so it wasn’t a really big deal if I didn’t go too often.

“You’re visiting my runnin’ place. Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!”

I’ve figured that pounding my feet on the treadmill would be kinder to my legs than   concrete or wood so I’ll give that a shot. When my legs get stronger and I can run continuously for a distance, I’ll switch to outdoor running and see how that works. So far so good, and I get to watch women fight on Springer on the televisions while listening to music and running. How can I lose?

“Have you seen my friend, Berdo?”